News of hydrogen-powered vehicles appear practically every day and almost all of them are positive. From nonsense such as Toyota’s hydrogen combustion engine, announcements of new fuel cell cars (hydrogen), billionaire subsidies or scammed taxi drivers who will pay the price of misinformation.

Why are hydrogen cars a very bad idea?

Quite simply, because its energy efficiency is awful. A fuel cell car consumes 4 times more energy than an electric one. I don’t think any more arguments are needed, but there are indeed some more.

The first thing I have to say is that I am a tech freak and therefore a Tesla fanboy. I think you can’t be one without the other. Tesla is by far the most innovative company in the world and also the champion of the fight against the climate crisis.

And precisely for that reason, I couldn’t believe when it was announced that Tesla had invested 1.5 billion dollars in Bitcoin and that it was also beginning to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment in its store. …

Juan Antonio Menendez

Tech geek, Rugby maniac & hard rock lover

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